Sunday, April 7, 2013

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I just sent off the press release for my May show in the window at Blue Whole Art Gallery  in Sequim. Some fortunate artist's have a 'wife' to take care if this activity which is such an involved part of an artist's work.  This Blog has helped keep verbal communication working while isolation in the studio occupies the other side of my brain. I used an oil monotype and a watercolor  enhanced with w/c crayon  and the Teaching Buddha shown in  previous blog.
"My goal is to express , exercise teach and test my accumulated ideas and philosophy through the art I make in clay and painting which has been a driving force and pleasure in my life."

Fields Before an Ancient City



I just finished a 10 week Watercolor Class which reminded me how much I enjoy sharing my idea, teaching and meeting other artists.  I hope in future to do Workshops with selected projects. (seascapes , abstracts, fog,textures etc.) .

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Lyn said...

Just completed your class and now look at painting in a whole new way! Can't wait for your next class and I know 2 more people who want to join you!