Friday, August 5, 2011


Glazed color with the depth of many layers of paint and the shifting of the plate enrich this suggestion of the sky at night .

Oil Monotypes

My oil monotypes where produced on an Ettan Press using plexiglass bevel edge plates with oil paint. The plate is coated with a thin skin of color which is transferred in the reverse to the paper. Additional layers of color , texture and design create a depth of glazing, achieving a painting unique to this process. Although these originals are called mono(one)prints, there may be a ghost print made if enough oil paint is left from the first run.

Masking with templates, plant material, brayer marks , wiping out ,over painting ,oil pastel,and using varied sizes of plates make this process thoughtful, creative and challenging.

Monotypes have that magic of surprise when they are pulled from the plate each time added elements change the color and design.

Featured Artist Show at Blue Whole

My Featured Artist Show for August at Blue Whole is all oil monotype except for one watercolor, Remembering Georgia.

Oil monotypes to be posted