Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Work for February Show

Getting ready for a Featured Artist show involves a number of steps, -try to create something new-make it- dry it -bisque fire at cone 06 - glaze it-  glaze fire at  cone 6 and clean up any rough edges.
      I especially like the 12 inch  ladies,thought they could be inside or out.  The twisted tube pieces with birds are always a challenge in the glaze firing, just hope the birds will say put and  not take flight into a piece they were never meant for. The small 8 tiles puzzle, like so many things with clay,suggested itself with the left over clay from the other tiles.

The white sea gulls make her a tall sculpture
These are just 4 inches, I'd like the idea to make larger plates..


Should we go outside or stay in ?
We might like to stand on a stick in the garden
15 Birds 
8 Piece Puzzle
Red Wing Black Birds

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Featured Artist at Blue Whole in February

                                                Blue Whole for February First Friday.
 New stoneware pieces are to be bisque fired and glazed  this week .
Wish me luck!