Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oil Monotypes

The process is fun even though it takes some  muscle to crank the press handle.  Paint is rolled onto the Beveled Plexiglass plate with a brayer which creates a very thin coating  to be transferred to the paper.  Some  oil is removed from paints if they are  very soft and oily and Liquin is added to speed drying.  A complete design or painting can be created on the plate or layers on color plates can be added after the first plate is dry.
     I like to layer because the glazing  creates color showing through or strongly affecting the second layer.  When areas are blocked out the first color is preserved.  The visual affect is not the same as mixing the same two color together,  the added colors play back and forth as transparent or denser overlays.
    Working this way leaves a lot to chance, allowing the image to direct its next addition, block out or changes.   Each additional color layer creates its own personality, mood and suggestions.
Often the image can be shown in all four rotations, each with its own suggestions, balance and impact..