Monday, September 25, 2017

Music of the Spheres

This painting can be viewed horizontally or vertically.  As vertical it has a different feeling of space and atmosphere,depth and distance, as opposed to the orchestra  and the audience.

          Music of the Spheres (watercolor gouache and acrylic 12x18 on watercolor paper)

It  began as a study of movement ,line and color, using a limited  palette of complimentary color.  When my friends responded they all liked this  horizontal view which looked like a stage or amphitheater. Once it is viewed one way, it's interesting  to accept the changed feeling the atmospheric view.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Abstract Mixed Media

Experimentation is always interesting sometimes frustrating and often leaves me wondering what
others see in my abstract pieces. Letting images just happen  from a feeling or concept challenges that part of me that says I need to know what I'm doing.   I've always loved realistic landscape and flowers for the pleasure of being accurate, reproducing a better than photographic aliveness , pointing out what I like  about the subject.
       I called this Morning Meditation, it had that half awake quietness before the day starts, things out of focus, blurry and sleepy. .
                                    Acrylic, gouache and watercolor on watercolor paper. 15x21"

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Prints of the Peninsula

    Over many years of hiking , wondering and even flying I have collected many scenes of the  Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park.

    Many of these original watercolors  have sold but I have reproduced them as prints and cards using  a  printer which has color fast inks.  Giclee' ,to spray, is the term used to  indicate the color fastness of  inks in modern printers now available to artists.

     This control of  the reproductions allows the artist to represent  the original accurately at very reasonable cost.