Friday, March 2, 2018

Salmon Run Coho

        My work has  always involved the Elements and Principles of Designs  in ways that are very hard to define since art really isn't a science and trying to manipulate it into  an  orderly  process can be a creativity killer.
     Value,color, line, shape, direction, size and  texture  are art's  tools not the medium and materials .
Even an artist can't have them all at one time in one painting or piece of pottery or a clothes or house or whatever .So the trick is to decide what to use to best express the needs of a picture.
       In Salmon Run  shape and  direction work with color and texture to create the depth and flow of water and repetition of shapes. It also is an effort to have the viewer look beyond the surface, getting past the white riffles to see the shallow depth and clarity of the water and  enjoy the complimentary purple /yellow colors.
        I hope to draw your eye in.


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